I am driven to help companies create psychologically safe spaces that UNLEASH PASSION and LOVE for WORK.


I am driven to help companies create psychologically safe spaces that UNLEASH PASSION and LOVE for WORK.

1 on 1 Consulting

1-1 consulting

Your personal culture.

1:1 consulting is the fastest way to connect you to your deep inner-purpose, improve work satisfaction and develop sustainable wellbeing

Ideal for managers, directors, and executives wishing to:

  • Create embodied resiliency and satisfaction in your life
  • Become an expert at delivering feedback that inspires peak performance and autonomy
  • Recognize and resolve emotional blocks that interfere with growth mindset and personal wellbeing during change.

Consulting sessions are offered virtually and require a 2-month minimum with 2-4 sessions per month. Consulting clients also receive access to on-demand curriculum modules as needed.

Departmental trainings

Cultural alignment for your team.

Departmental Training seeks to align all supervisors and team members to your organizational mission and culture shift. Wins will be shared, challenges will be presented, and strategizing will occur. Together we will leverage the collective minds of the group to optimally improve policy rollout, change management, and feedback frameworks to drive work satisfaction and positivity.

Departmental Trainings are offered virtually or in-person as either a 1-time group training or a series on ongoing trainings and mastermind. Initial assessments will be conducted to determine precise training offerings and recommendations.

1-Time Group Training

1-time group training can either serve as a Culture initiative orientation workshop intended to offer a high-level breakdown of the organization’s culture shift or a deep dive into one of the many topics I offer to fill a known gap.


On-going trainings (mastermind)

On-going training is intended to manage and optimize any new or adapted systems and processes to support the shift in culture. They typically take place between 6-12 months with on-going support as needed to galvanize sustainable, long-term improvements.


We focus on these 5 key areas:

A healthier, resilient culture begins with a focus on the 5 domains of cultural fitness.

Safety Service
1. Psychological Safety

This is the underpinning of all great culture. Cultural Fitness begins with creating an environment where sharing different perspectives, raising concerns and providing responsive feedback is welcomed without reprisal. Increasing psychological safety includes increasing the visibility of executives and their vocal intolerance of abusive conduct and modeling the ability to hear constructive feedback.

Additional training in this domain includes:

  • Empowerment and personal authority training to improve assertiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training to navigate natural bias through compassionate communication
  • Cultural Intelligence (CQ) training to build empathy with diversity
Safety Service
Promotion Path Service
2. Career Path

Culturally fit organizations provide a clear and consistent path for growth and promotion.

Training in this domain includes:

  • Reviewing the on-boarding process for opportunities to increase the visibility, clarity, and transparency of the promotional path
  • Analyzing the metrics for in-house promotion against the diversity in the staff pool to uncover opportunities for preparing all candidates for these positions

Additional training in this domain includes:

  • Affinity training: identifying the ways employees organically excel and strategizing ways to leverage within their current role consistently

Maura Barclay was contracted to create an original presentation for over 200 employees. Attendees really identified with her energetic, engaging, and down-to-earth style and every person in the audience left with many practical and immediately actionable tools. A fantastic training. Maura exceeded every expectation!

Lorna Proctor

Starbucks Global Safety and Security
Seattle, WA

Well Being
3. Work-Life Balance

The psychological and emotional health of employees is essential to an organization’s success.

Training in this domain includes:

  • Identifying low/no-cost strategies to visibly encourage and support staff to promote and practice work/life balance
  • Reviewing possible strategic partnerships in the mind-body and fitness arena to help employees stay well mentally and physically

Additional training in this domain includes:

  • Resilience training to increase mindfulness, decrease stress, and provide strategies for ongoing practice self-care at work
Well Being
Work Satisfaction
4. Employee Engagement

Satisfaction is a crucial marker of cultural fitness.

Training in this domain includes:

  • Providing additional pathways for employee acknowledgment
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Providing robust on-demand training for IC’s and feedback
  • Multiple tracks for mentoring
  • Mentoring training for anyone in a supervisory role

Additional training in this domain includes:

    • Personal Evolution Initiative:
    • Helping employees understand and connect with their “why”
    • integrating one’s mission with the company mission

Creating opportunities for self-actualization at work

Conflict Service
5. Conflict Mgt

Conflict is expected within all organizations. How it is handled is another story.

Training in this domain includes:

  • Creating a log to document conflict incidents properly
  • Tracking metrics to identify areas where conflict is more prevalent and provide feedback sessions to identify the root of conflict dynamic
  • Providing communication training to ameliorate acute conflict scenarios

Additional training in this domain includes:

  • Self-Awareness Intensive: Designed to decrease self-deception and increase holistic understanding of self through compassionate feedback
  • Conversion Communication: Teaching strategies to navigate conflict and difficult conversations with compassion and empathy
Conflict Service